Day Care service:

NLCC Service Group give best accounting service. This is a St. John’s based “comprehensive service” company providing assistance to clients wishing to quickly adapt to life in Newfoundland and Labrador.

In the next 5 years, NLCC Group Corporation will become a leading consulting service provider on education, tourism, immigration, business, Day Care service, accounting service and immigration provincially, nationally and internationally.

Our Vision

NLCC delivers a one-stop, all-round, personalized professional service for Newfoundland and Labrador, we provide expertise and knowledge on Student ServicesResident Services, Business Services, accounting service, Property Management, Tourism and Community Services, Day Care service with our support and resources we aim to help you develop into a community contributor for Canadian society.

Meet Our Management Team

Yinnan is an active volunteer for many Newfoundland community accounting Day Care service groups . He is the President of the group. Linda  is Vice Present and she has 40 years of business experience. Presently Ellie is the general manager. She recently graduated from the Master of Oil and Gas Engineering program from Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN). She also holds a Bachelor of Safety Engineering from the China University of Petroleum. Jerry  is Chief Communication Officer. He is an experienced entrepreneur in the areas of general trade, restaurant industry and real estate. He have more than ten years of experience and he has the capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage various business ventures. He has been a successful owner and operator of a General Trading Company and a Chinese Restaurant. Shuo is client care manager. He is a junior engineer. Additionally, he starts his master’s degree in Computer Science within the next four months. Property manager is Jingyao Sun. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in oil and gas engineering at Memorial University of Newfoundland. He is involved with Lanzhou University student groups providing expertise in planning, organizing, and organization of large events. Chief Operating Officer is Vincent. He has been working in the insurance industry for 10 years . His current position as Ontario portfolio manager designs portfolio strategies to deliver the operational plan, supervising business areas within the organization to ensure the portfolio delivers the desired outcome. IT manager is Yang Zhao. He is currently in his final semester of Computer Science Degree at Memorial University of Newfoundland. He has more than 3 years’ experience in IT Service -Networking and Communication Group.  Yang also operates his own Website Design Company called Heardgi Website Design. Property maintenance manager is Darryl.

Meet Our Senior Consulting Team

Senior corporate strategy advisor is Dr. Cosmas. Senior career development adviser is Dr. Daniel Wong. He is a professional Engineer. Chief economist & senior advisor is Tony Fang. Bernie Halloran is chief business consultant. Andrew McKim is senior business consultant. Senior Tourism Consultant and Director of Destination Canada is Stan Cook Jr. He was the co-owner and president of an award winning nature based tourism company located in Cape Broyle. Stan’s father started offering adventure tours in 1970 with his whole clan growing up in this family business. Over those years they have been recognized with more than a dozen provincial and national tourism awards. Life and fun advisor is Wei Qiu and she received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Memorial University of Newfoundland.  Wei has seven years work experience in management and customer service.

Best accounting service:

Day Care service

Day Care

Daycare List St. John’s.

nlcc service group
Name Contact Name Contact Street Address
Bloomsbury Child Care Centre
WynnAnn Fahey
389 Stavanger Drive
(709) 753-2273
Campus Childcare – Activity Centre
Deanna Whey
Visit Centre Website
Burtons Pond Road, MUN Campus
(709) 864-4729
Campus Childcare – Preschool I
Heather Collins
Visit Centre Website
Burtons Pond Road, MUN Campus
(709) 864-4728
Campus Childcare – Preschool II
Michelle Barnes
Visit Centre Website
Burtons Pond Road, MUN Campus
(709) 864-4728
Campus Childcare – Toddler Centre
Marie Lamkin
Visit Centre Website
Burtons Pond Road, MUN Campus
(709) 864-4728
College of the North Atlantic Children’s Centre Charlene Boone (709) 758-7444 50 Gooseberry Lane
Confederation Building Day Care Centre
Ruby Thorne
Visit Centre Website
100 Prince Phillip Drive
(709) 729-6038
Creative Discovery Children’s Centre
Angela Corbin
31 Doyles Road
(709) 368-4088
Creative Kids Afterschool Club
Naomi Tracey
434 Main Road
(709) 364-3890
Creative Kids Daycare
Susan Chafe
23 Bishop’s Line
(709) 364-3890
Daybreak Parent Child Centre
Leslie Hardy
Visit Centre Website
74 The Boulevard
(709) 726-8373
Discovery Days Children’s Centre
Andrea Blair
2 Stead Place
(709) 364-1872
Dr. A.T. Brace Children’s Centre
Ashley Thomas
Visit Centre Website
170 Campbell Avenue
(709) 739-5496
Dr. A.T. Brace Infant Centre
Shanna Piercey
Visit Centre Website
170 Campbell Avenue
(709) 739-5496
Early Achievers Montessori School and Educational Centre 1
Carol Lacosta\Colette Dominie
Visit Centre Website
35 Hebron Way
(709) 579-7323
Fort Townshend Child Care Center
Renee Harding
50 Parade Street
(709) 729-8830
Happy Times Preschool
Erika Eason
Visit Centre Website
74 Queen’s Road
(709) 753-2406
International Friends Norma Hatcher (709) 726-6848 10 Smithville Crescent
King’s Bridge Montessori
Roxanne Gosse
Visit Centre Website
36 Kings Bridge Road
(709) 764-2046
King’s Bridge Montessori II
Cindy Walsh
Visit Centre Website
718 Water Street
(709) 764-2046
Les P’tits Cerfs-Volants Jelena Antic (709) 757-2850 65 Ridge Road
Little Nest Children’s Community
Thea Cammie
100 Elizabeth Avenue
(709) 221-5430
Little People’s Workshop – Cowan
Rose Fagan
Visit Centre Website
111 Cowan Avenue
(709) 747-6701
Little People’s Workshop – Cowan Avenue Afterschool Program
Heather Hayes
Visit Centre Website
141 Frecker Drive
(709) 743-1184
Little People’s Workshop – Howley Estates
Sheffia Samuelson/Kelly Ann Sweers
Visit Centre Website
4 Rumboldt Place
(709) 722-9260
Little People’s Workshop – Mundy Pond
Sonja Titford
Visit Centre Website
25 Mundy Pond Road
(709) 739-5496
Mes Amis Preschool
Amy Loveless
Visit Centre Website
436 Torbay Road
(709) 722-9271
Milestones Early Learning and Childcare Center – Bally Rou Place
Sharlene Norman
370 Torbay Road
(709) 722-8995
Milestones Early Learning and Childcare Center – Freshwater Rd
Tanya King
Visit Centre Website
327 Freshwater Road
(709) 722-9346
Milestones Early Learning and Childcare Center – Ricketts Rd A
Marja Stewart/Susan White
Visit Centre Website
3 Ricketts Road
(709) 739-7148
Milestones Early Learning and Childcare Center – Torbay Rd
Tanya King
Visit Centre Website
555 Torbay Road
(709) 722-9245
Milestones Early Learning Centre Kenmount Terrace
Sara Shears
75 Kiwanis Street
(709) 722-9507
Mother Hens Childcare
Laurie Eveleigh
38 Ropewalk Lane
(709) 722-4428
New Dimensions Child Care Center
Esther Bezanson
10 Canada Drive
(709) 745-3692
Nursery Time Preschool and Day Care Centre
Joanne Kavanagh
205 Logy Bay Road
(709) 722-3311
Oak Trees and Acorns Child Care Centre Margaret Morgan (709) 724-7227 270 Portugal Cove Road
Panda Bear Daycare Winnie Glynn (709) 726-5222 44 Linegar Avenue
Pitter Patter Daycare IV
Roxanne Sutton
500 Columbus Drive
(709) 753-2220
Precious People’s Playland
Florence Conway
644 Topsail Road
(709) 747-7529
Precious People’s School Age Program Geraldine Bishop (709) 747-2132 644 Topsail Road
Rainbow II
Debbie Collins
Visit Centre Website
17 Hallett Crescent
(709) 754-3000
Rainbow III
Renee Reid
Visit Centre Website
188 Park Avenue
(709) 368-0224
Rainbow IV Linda Nolan (709) 754-3000 161 Hamlyn Road
Rainbow IX Susan Saunders (709) 782-7007 161 Hamlyn Road
Rainbow VIII
Mary Hewitt
Visit Centre Website
17 Hallett Crescent
(709) 754-3000
Rockcliffe Children’s Centre
Jennifer Jarvis
235 Blackmarsh Road
(709) 726-7625
The Children’s Centre
Katie O’Brien
80 Craigmiller Avenue
(709) 579-9053
Turtle Island Childcare Centre
Debbie Ingram
97 Elizabeth Avenue
(709) 738-8467
Waterford Valley Infant Centre Patty Regular (709) 745-6264 465 Topsail Road
YMCA Child Care Centre
Lori-Ann Evans
Visit Centre Website
35 Ridge Road
(709) 754-2962
YMCA School Age Child Care – Roncalli Elementary
Hailey Sansome
Visit Centre Website
130 Airport Heights Drive
(709) 754-2962
YMCA School Age Child Care – St.Teresa’s School
Wanda Maidment
Visit Centre Website
110 Mundy Pond Road
(709) 579-9111
YMCA School Age Child Care – The School for the Deaf Jody Evoy (709) 691-9792 425 Topsail Road
YMCA School Age Child Care – Vanier Elementary
Yvonne Frecker
Visit Centre Website
75 Ennis Avenue
(709) 754-2962
Younger Years Daycare and Preschool
Cecilia McGruer
24 Hunt’s Lane
(709) 753-3334